REQUEST FOR SUPPORT Floods in Kerala, India August 2018

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Floods in Kerala, India – August 2018

The state of Kerala has been facing its worst floods and landslides in a century due to incessant and unprecedented heavy rains. This has caused overflowing of 44 rivers across the state which has caused opening of 35 of the 39 major dams in Kerala, including the 123-year-old Mullaperiyar Dam, for the first time in history. Over 350 people have been killed and nearly a million people displaced. 3734 relief camps have been set up across the state. Preliminary estimates indicate that the damage to civil infrastructure, agriculture and property is likely to be upwards of $ 2.85 Billion. Those wishing to contribute could do so by donating to:-

Account Name :          High Commission of India – Pretoria Kerala Relief Fund

Account No :               20057420104 
                                   (Note : Omit ‘326’ for all transfers from SBI to SBI)

Branch Name :           Johannesburg

Branch Code :            801000

Proof of payment may kindly be forwarded to

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